Seventhsoul is an electronic music producer and composer who lives in Iran. He was born in Tehran on December 6, 1993. He started composing and producing electronic music in 2018—over 4M streams on the Spotify platform.

His first remix is “Nargese Jadoo” by Mohammad Reza Shajarian and released worldwide.  “Che Danestam” by Homayoun Shajarian and “Nedaye Eshgh” by Mohammad Reza Shajarian, remixed by Seventhsoul, are his most popular songs on Spotify and Soundcloud. Currently, he works in the Ethnic, Oriental, and Melodic Techno genres. His music (Fie Ma Fie) was played at Ibiza del Mar 2019 by Divergent industry records. He graduated in Audio Engineering at Azad University.